Culinary Horoscope for the day after tomorrow

Culinary Horoscope for the day after tomorrow, 24 February
Aries Mar 21 - Apr 19

Today you should not eat fish. The rest of the seafood is welcome, but it’s better to leave the bony inhabitants of the water element for another, less alcoholic day. If you pay more attention, then eat. Unless they guarantee you that nothing like bones is left in the fish, then it’s better to play it safe and eat slowly and carefully.

Taurus Apr 20 - May 20

Today you can eat something that is completely not intended for food. Nothing terrible will happen, of course, but you can amuse the people beyond measure, without intending it at all. Therefore, do not rush to put everything you find on your plate into your mouth; you never know, maybe that detail of the dish’s design that crunched so cheerfully in your teeth was nothing more than a design detail.

Gemini May 21 - Jun 20

Today, most likely, you won’t be able to spend much time eating, and eating on the run, dry, gagging and not getting any pleasure from the process is not our method. It’s better to save money on work or sleep, and if this is not possible, arrange a fasting day for yourself. As long as you have some fruit at hand, don’t chew anything at all - it’s harmful to your jaws.

Cancer Jun 21 - Jul 22

Follow the first of your gastronomic desires today, no matter how inappropriate it may seem to you. It will most accurately meet your body's true nutritional needs. If you don’t like the result, eat fruit, it will never hurt. Apples and pears will be especially good today, but you can also add citrus fruits.

Leo Jul 23 - Aug 22

Whatever your mind, clouded by magical gastronomic smells, imagines, the best food for representatives of your zodiac sign today will be the most ordinary chicken broth. More precisely, no - unusual. It must certainly be tasty. You will laugh, but achieving this is not as easy as it seems. And you still need to look for places where broths are cooked not only with soul, but also from the right chickens.

Virgo Aug 23 - Sep 22

Today promises to be quite successful and very eventful, a major feast is very likely. Take care of your dress from your dining companions who are overly active in conversation; if you come across a neighbor at the table who likes to accompany his emotional speech with gestures, something difficult to remove may well be dumped on you.

Libra Sep 23 - Oct 22

If for some reason you think that pasta and shrimp are incompatible things, you are deeply mistaken. Very compatible and get along well in the same plate. Provided that the one who prepared them knows how to do it. You can ruin anything you want, if you want to. And by the way, you will have it. So don’t even try to cook anything yourself today.

Scorpio Oct 23 - Nov 21

If you want to enjoy your meal, try to find some secluded place with few customers and pleasant wait staff. Do you want something simpler? Order shawarma and a small glass of beer (non-alcoholic if you're driving). More complicated? Then look for venison with juniper berries. The search will be long and difficult, but the result will exceed all expectations.

Sagittarius Nov 22 - Dec 21

Meat, quickly fried over high heat, served with a pickled cucumber - strong and crispy - this is the pinnacle of culinary art perfection today. You can, of course, complement your lunch with all sorts of multi-component delicacies of complex preparation, but it is better to choose boiled potatoes with butter, sprinkled with fresh dill as a side dish.

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 19

Everything related to food today should be done only together. Or three of us. Actually, the number of your assistants does not matter, as long as you are not alone. And together it will be more fun to eat and cook. Just be careful with the quantity of food, because you will have to feed the whole horde. Potatoes will be a universal side dish, but what exactly is used is not important, everyone has different tastes anyway.

Aquarius Jan 20 - Feb 18

Nowadays everything should be subordinated to one single idea - ordering your existence. Your diet today must necessarily contain breakfast, lunch and dinner. A second breakfast and five o'clock tea will also not go amiss. But you can forget about snacks in between.

Pisces Feb 19 - Mar 20

This evening is a great time to try some delicious dishes. Which? In fact, it doesn't matter at all. And, most importantly, do not let yourself be convinced that you are unworthy of this delicious delicacy. Well, perhaps you should start the day with a cup of excellent espresso coffee. But only magnificent! If you have doubts about its quality, it is better to drink average tea.


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