Zodiac sign Gemini

Horoscope for Gemini today


Today you will be great at what requires elegant solutions, mind games and other subtleties. Conclusion: it is better not to take on piercing, cutting, and most importantly, heavy objects.


Today, your loved one will not be easy to talk to you about feelings. Nevertheless, he will certainly try to do this - make this difficult task easier for him.


Today is creativity day. Your creative abilities and fantasies strive to come true. Don't hinder them. Creativity and improvisation in any, even the most precise and serious work, will never be superfluous, and sometimes it is thanks to them that the most insoluble problems are solved.


On this day, your attention and speed of reaction will be at their best, so if you feel the desire and strength in yourself, you can go in for extreme sports. However, do not rely only on luck, still be prudent!


Today it's time to learn a new pose. You can rely on your imagination, or you can refer to specialized literature. The main thing is not to give up! In addition, the search itself will surely whet your appetite even more, so you will want to try more and more.


Today, preference should be given to dishes that let in sunlight. Even if the sun is tight. Electric light will do, if the food is transparent. Therefore, for the first - broth (cooked according to all the rules, not cloudy and not greasy), you can - seasoned with rice or vermicelli, but better - with croutons or profiteroles. On the second - jellied. For dessert - jelly or marmalade. You can also indulge in pancakes with red caviar, only if the pancakes are thin.

Luck day
  • Personality
    good good good bad bad
  • Finance
    good good bad bad bad
  • Love
    good bad bad bad bad
  • Dangers
    good bad bad bad bad
  • Family
    good bad bad bad bad
  • Education
    good good good good good
  • Trips
    good good good good good
  • Health
    good good good good good
  • Work
    good good good good bad
  • Friends
    good bad bad bad bad

May 21 — June 20
Talisman Stones
Malachite, Rock Crystal, Obsidian, Agate, Moonstone, Jade and Amazonite

“One of the most unpredictable signs. The main characteristic features of Gemini are: energy, independence, sociability, sociability, sense of humor and curiosity.”

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