Zodiac sign Gemini

Horoscope for Gemini for yesterday


All that glitters is not gold. But sometimes the temptation is so great. Today there is a chance that by succumbing to it, you will be able to acquire something that is vitally necessary for you.


Gemini, don't worry about trifles! Today someone may make a comment to you about your appearance. But you know that your husband likes your beautiful bangs! Don’t have a complex - there have always been and will always be envious people. The stars advise you to quickly calm down and, if you need comfort therapy, go shopping.


Today your partners will urgently want to discuss some details of cooperation with you. Try to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible, but do not rush too much: the less responsibly you approach the issue, the longer it will take you to resolve it.


These days, the luminaries do not recommend that Gemini limit their diet. Your body will know better what exactly it needs, and if you do not have clear contraindications on this issue, it is better to listen to its wishes.


Today there will be many advisors and experts around you in sexual matters. Of course, you can listen to these more experienced, knowledgeable and experienced people, but in your own bed, try not to be guided by their opinion. Trust your feelings and emotions of your beloved, if he is not ashamed to demonstrate them.


If you want to eat thoroughly and tastefully today, you will have to at least leave the house. You will have to run a little for food - then it will be absorbed better and will seem tastier. In addition, the surroundings will be more important than ever - everything down to the lighting and the presence of flowers on the table will play a role. However, if you are ready to arrange the appropriate environment within your own walls, go for it.

Luck day
  • Personality
    good good bad bad bad
  • Finance
    good good bad bad bad
  • Love
    good good good good bad
  • Dangers
    good good good bad bad
  • Family
    good good good good bad
  • Education
    good good good bad bad
  • Trips
    good bad bad bad bad
  • Health
    good good good bad bad
  • Work
    good good good good good
  • Friends
    good bad bad bad bad

May 21 — June 20
Talisman Stones
Malachite, Rock Crystal, Obsidian, Agate, Moonstone, Jade and Amazonite

“One of the most unpredictable signs. The main characteristic features of Gemini are: energy, independence, sociability, sociability, sense of humor and curiosity.”

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