Zodiac sign Taurus

Taurus horoscope for tomorrow


Try to behave today so that you have nothing to reproach. People around today will be very negative towards you and will try to hang the maximum number of dogs on you.


This day will resemble a fairy tale, but which one - scary or happy - depends entirely on you and your loved one. In any case, today you will find out what the writer feels, whose characters leave the pages of his books and begin to do what he has in mind ... Stay today as storytellers and main characters in one person!


Today, in addition to your main duties, you will also have to do the training of successors in what you yourself have been doing for so long and hard for a moderate fee. He will have to explain everything scrupulously and patiently. Well, you will have to wake up or urgently educate a teacher in yourself.


Keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable these days, especially if you have to walk a lot around the city. Now, low-quality or out-of-season shoes can play you a disservice and become the culprit of problems.


Agree, sex without extreme sports and in your usual home environment also has its positive aspects. Libra will be able to verify this by staying at home in the evening, which is what the stars advise you to do. Just close the door to the bedroom more tightly, otherwise your children and the awakened dog will become witnesses of your unearthly passion.


Do not make a cult out of food. Without a doubt, it is extremely important where and what to eat, however, if you suddenly fail to fulfill the gastronomic plan planned for that day (and this is quite likely today), this should not be a cause for disappointment. You are surely waiting for new perspectives and fresh solutions. Surrender to chance - and you will not regret what you have done, unless, of course, you begin to make completely risky decisions. Shawarma near the metro station is not worth eating.

Luck day
  • Personality
    good bad bad bad bad
  • Finance
    good good good good bad
  • Love
    good good bad bad bad
  • Dangers
    good good bad bad bad
  • Family
    good good good bad bad
  • Education
    good good good good bad
  • Trips
    good good bad bad bad
  • Health
    good good good bad bad
  • Work
    good good good good bad
  • Friends
    good good good bad bad

April 20 — May 20
Talisman Stones
Amazonite or amethyst, aventurine or agate, jasper and quartz

“One of the most balanced signs of the Zodiac. Character traits of Taurus are patience, hard work, practicality, life wisdom, leisure, love of pleasure and stubbornness.”

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