Zodiac sign Aquarius

Aquarius horoscope for the day after tomorrow


Today, when you are going to spend the day in a pleasant company, take care of the compatibility of its members. Nowadays, trivial but nasty quarrels are very likely, even between the best of friends.


A wonderful day for joint trips and travel. Moreover, it is desirable that these trips should not be to buy bread at the store across the street, but somewhere outside the city, into nature. Take yourself on a little adventure: by car, bike or train.


If your boss favors you, you should not refuse his attention to you and oppose yourself to him, adhering to the point of view of your team. He may regard this as ingratitude on your part. Try to behave in such a way as not to offend anyone: neither your boss nor your colleagues.


Today, an accidentally overheard conversation on the street, in an elevator or in public transport can play a rather serious role in the development of the health of Aquarius. Do your best to take everything you hear into account.


Representatives of the Aquarius sign should become good girls today: clean up the house, cook a delicious dinner, decorate the love bed with flowers and anoint your body with rose oil. And as a reward for exemplary behavior, demand the right to have a “day off” on any other evening and spend it as you please - and separately from your lover.


On your table today there should be cheese, preferably several varieties, an exquisite cream soup, say, champignons with roots, cakes with whipped cream and cinnamon, cherries or grapes and red wine. And also candles, crispy napkins and cutlery for your dining companion, because everything is conducive to dining in a romantic setting.

Luck day
  • Personality
    good good good good good
  • Finance
    good good good good good
  • Love
    good bad bad bad bad
  • Dangers
    good good bad bad bad
  • Family
    good good good good good
  • Education
    good good good good good
  • Trips
    good bad bad bad bad
  • Health
    good good good good good
  • Work
    good bad bad bad bad
  • Friends
    good good bad bad bad

January 20 — February 18
Uranus, Saturn
Talisman Stones
Jade, amethyst, obsidian, jasper, coil, aventurine and pearls.

“This is one of the most difficult and controversial signs. The main notable features of the character of Aquarius: resourcefulness, independence, devotion and unpredictability.”

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